Adopted: June 25, 2019


Section 1. Name: The name of this organization is RIVERSIDE COUNTY NOW, AKA, RIVERSIDE COUNTY NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN (hereafter referred to in these bylaws as “RC NOW”).

Section 2. Chapter Meetings: The chapter meetings, held for the transaction of chapter business, shall be located in Riverside County, California. The President, along with the board shall set the location of the meetings to best serve the community.

Section 3. Purpose: RCNOW is a non-profit 503(c)1 whose purpose is to take action through intersectional, grassroot activism to bring women into full participation in mainstream American society. This participation includes but is not limited to the following: preventing discrimination because of race, ethnic origin, age, marital status, sexual preference/orientation, or parenthood; preserving a woman’s right to choose; and protecting equal rights for women and girls in all aspects of social, economic, and political life. RC NOW also supports candidates for office and platforms that represent the National Organization for Women.

Section 4. Limitations: RC NOW shall be bound its policies and may take no action which is contrary thereto. RC NOW policy/bylaws may be established by its board members on any subject directly related to the purposes of RC NOW.



Section 1. Voting Members: Voting Members. Any person who supports the ideal platforms of the National Organization for Women shall be able to become a member of RC NOW. No member shall be excluded from membership, segregated, or otherwise discriminated against within the organization.

Membership in RC NOW shall be verified by any of the following: a current National NOW membership card; inclusion on the National membership printout; submission of a cancelled check or bank statement representing payment for membership; a confirmation email or printout from online membership payment or credit card statement or by the CA NOW financial records.

Section 2. Policy-Making Authority: RC NOW Board shall constitute the policy making body of the chapter.

Section 3. Dues: Each member must pay annual dues in a timely manner.

Section 4. Good Standing: Members who have paid their required dues and have not been suspended or expelled via the chapter’s Grievance Committee are deemed to be in good standing.

Section 5. Termination of Membership: Termination of membership shall occur in one of the three instances: (a) Resignation of a member upon official notice by letter/email to chapter president and secretary, (b) Suspension of membership or expulsion by the Grievance Committee removed by Grievance Committee, or (c) Failure to pay dues.

Section 6.RC NOW Membership Reinstatement: A suspended member may be reinstated after a minimum of six months suspension with approval of the Grievance Committee and agree to comply with all RC NOW Bylaws set forth.

Section 7. Grievance Committee:  The Grievance Committee shall be comprised of two Executive Board Members and three Members in good standing, who have been approved by a majority vote of the Board, to hear complaints and come to a resolution. The members of the Grievance Committee cannot be involved in the matter that is being investigated.

The purpose of the Grievance Committee is to support all parties involved and resolve issues.  All complaints must be in written form emailed to the committee. The complaint must list the specific bylaw that is in question or has been violated. The RCNOW Grievance Committee has the final determination for resolution of matters that come before the committee, and all decisions made by said committee are final and are not subject to further grievance.

Section 8. Limitations: No person shall hold more than one board office at a time. In the event of an unforeseen resignation, emergency, or extenuating circumstance, the chapter president, along with board approval, may appoint another member to temporarily fill the position. If the treasurer resigns or has an emergency, the president will inform all board members, and the president shall assume the treasurer’s duties with full transparency until a permanent replacement is found and elected.

Section 9. Meeting of Members: (a) There shall be a minimum of 8 meetings per year in Riverside County, CA. (b) In the event a meeting must be cancelled, the secretary will email or call, whichever is the fastest, and the Communication’s Chair will cancel on social media and the RCNOW website.

Section 10. Executive Board & Committee Chair Meetings: Under no circumstance shall any board member call a meeting without the entire board being informed. The chapter president reserves the right to call for a Board Meeting when necessary.

Section10. Eligibility to Vote: Members must be present, in good standing, and current dues paid.


Section 1. Officers: By majority vote, RC NOW shall elect a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary which will be known as the Executive Board. Officers must have been members in good standing of the RCNOW for the preceding six months. The President shall appoint a Communication Chair and Legislative Chair, who will be included as part of the overall Leadership Team.

Section 2. Nominations of Officers: Nominations shall be taken on the floor at the time of the election and voted on. In the event no one is nominated, the chapter president may ask the membership for volunteers.

Section 3. Terms of Office/Term Limits: Each officer is elected to a two-year term for no more than two consecutive terms. The Board has the right to override the term limit requirement in extenuating circumstances.

Section 4. Resignation of an Officer: Officer resignations must be in writing via email addressed to the President and the Secretary at least thirty days in advance of the resignation date. Vacancies will be filled during the next RC NOW meeting.

Section 5. Duties of Officers: The duties of the officers shall be as follows:

  1. a) The RC NOW President shall be the principal spokesperson and administrator of the chapter. The President manages the day to day affairs of the chapter between the board and chapter meetings.
  2. b) The Vice President shall support, assist, facilitate members into signing in to general meetings as well as chair meetings in the absence of the president and assume all duties.
  3. c) The secretary shall take and keep the minutes of the board and chapter meetings and may be asked to help in other tasks with the Communications Chair.
  4. d) The Treasurer will be the primary financial administrator of the chapter with bookkeeping and accounting procedures. Treasurer will also give financial reports/updates to membership during regular meetings. Disbursements of checks more than $500 will require approval by the President and the Treasurer.

Article IV.


Section 1. RC NOW Committees: Communications Chair shall be responsible for a) creating/maintaining RC NOW’s social media, such as a Facebook page and the website; emailing members of meetings and cancellations of meetings, as well as other updates when needed. b) Legislative Committee Chair is responsible for updating the membership of legislation affecting women and women’s issues. Also, to update the membership on any new CA NOW platform concerns/findings.

Article V


Section 1. Voluntary Dissolution: The following rules apply in order to dissolve a chapter. If the board recognizes that there are no volunteers/members to resume the chapter’s duties after current officers’ term limits are up, or they want to resign, the membership will be advised via email. During the next general meeting, board and members can approve the dissolution of the chapter.

Section 2. Remaining assets: Upon the dissolution of the chapter, all its debts shall be paid and its affairs settled. All remaining assets shall be distributed to CA NOW as determined at the time of dissolution by the RC NOW Board in its sole discretion.

Article VI

Social Media

Section 1. The following rules apply to officers, committee chairs (known as RC Leaders), and members: A) All messages specifically labeled “private” or “confidential” shall not to be disclosed or shared with others. B) Bad faith or abusive messages or messages that are harmful to the organization will not be tolerated. C) Any behavior on social media that does not adhere to CA NOW’s social media policy (found elsewhere on RCNOW’s website) will not be tolerated and will be referred to the Grievance Committee for review.

Article Vll

Free Speech

Section 1. While all members have the right to free speech, all members and guests should conduct themselves with mutual respect and civility. There will be zero tolerance for bullying, yelling, rudeness, harassment, or retaliation. Any member who participates in the restriction of a person’s free speech—or in any of the zero-tolerance behaviors detailed above—will be in violation of these bylaws and will be referred to the Grievance Committee.


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